Ijamido Children's Home Spare a thought for the Motherless

Mrs. Victoria ObakoyaPresently the home is run by the first baby of the home, Mrs. Victoria Obakoya, who took over as the Matron in 1992 before Mama's death. She is ably assisted by her husband Daniel ObakoyaPrince Daniel O. Obakoya as the Patron of the home. He is based in the United States of America, and he takes charge of all international contacts.

All over the world, mothers are known to be the pillars of support in any family unit. Apart from being the vehicle by which we all arrived in this world, they are also charged with the onerous duty of tending and milking the new - born baby from the cradle of our birth until when we grow up to being able to take care of ourselves. Mothers serve as the compass with which we chart our direction in our early beginning.

Fondly called Mother of Hundreds by friends and well-wishers she has proved to be a capable mother. Mrs. Victoria Obakoya has stepped fitly into Mama's shoes, and like Mama it's a till death-do-us-part relationship.