Ijamido Children's Home Spare a thought for the Motherless
Our Home

Situated at 147, Ilo Awela road, Ota, Ogun State, in Nigeria, the Home can only boast of just three buildings, a bungalow and a storey building on less than an acre of land.  Presently over 165 children including babies, toddlers, school children, students in secretarial institutions, and those learning professional jobs are resident in the home. 

ChildrenSo many children have passed through the home, among whom are University and Polytechnic graduates, N.C.E. teachers, Public Relations Officers, Caterers, Business Women, Fashion Designers, and Secretaries, to mention a few.  These children were trained by Mama, she provided for their needs, she never made them wanting.  Although she had no child of her own, she spent all her life loving and caring for the less privileged in the society.

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